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All Yours 



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Let's normalize positivity together

Better With You

Better With You Apparel

Why “Better with You”?

“Better with You” shares an important message to our audience that the world is a better place with you. This phrase is a reminder that everyone is loved by many people around them. “Better with You” spreads love and appreciation to every person that makes this world better.


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Ginny is the creative behind @CreatedByGinny on Instagram and Etsy. Ginny rediscovered her love of art while teaching her children from home and incorporating Art Class into everyday activities. Ginny recognized how great creating is for her mental health and sense of purpose.

December of 2021, she started sharing art and positive messages on Instagram. She creates art that inspires people to treat each other with kindness, know they have a purpose, and that ultimately we are better together. 

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